William Howard Adams
This book is for all those moved by Remembrance of Things Past as well as for everyone in love with the Belle Epoch, French civilization, the origins of modernism, the history of photography, character, and the creative process.
   Here, in all their reality are the images made by Paul Nadar, the leading portrait photographer of Belle Epoch Paris, of fifty-four key figures active in the Proustian circle, where the once separate world of the bourgeoisie, the aristocracy, and the arts were coalescing into the complex, multifaceted modern society that Proust was the first to seize upon and transform into high art.

Vendome Press, 1984
128 pages, illustrated with 56 photographs by Paul Nadar
 Un Souvenir de Proust, Edita, La Bibliothèque des Arts, 1988
 Prousts Figuren und ihre Vorbilder, Insel Verlag, 1988

© 2003 William Howard Adams
A Proust Souvenir